KCUR, NPR in Kansas City

Social Media and Newsletter Producer, January 2022-Present

Currently manages Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts for public radio publication KCUR. Manages and writes daily news email The Early Bird. Works to expand the publication's reach and audience, as well as uphold high journalistic standards. Grew the reach of KCUR’s Instagram account by 1700 followers in 6 months, through an overhaul of the style and content of the page. Works daily in software like Loomly, Canva, Emma, and NPR’s Grove.


Managing Editor, September 2021-May 2022

Planning content calendar, editing articles to AP standard, making informed decisions about editorial content, working closely with the Editor-in-Chief to lead the editing team and staff writers. During tenure as editor, content edited was awarded by the Missouri College Media Association.

Arts and Entertainment Editor, July 2021-May 2022

Curating unique content and pitches, editing articles to AP standard, building a repertoire of unique content about UMKC’s arts community and the arts community at large. Mentoring students on feature writing and artistic editorial work. During tenure as editor, content edited was awarded by the Missouri College Media Association.

Freelance Work

Freelance Writer, 2020-Present

Interviewing and writing about Hamilton-based 3D designer and Open Pit executive Max Schramp’s latest digital release to SuperRare. Contributing writing about Black Dresses as hyperpop originators for No Bells, a blog run by Mano Sundaresan from NPR.

Commissioned by The Pitch to cover the corporatization of LGBTQ+ pride month and profile Kansas City political journalist Steve Kraske, in print for the months of July and August, respectively. Commissioned by The Pitch to interview ANA KENNEDY DOMVILLE for the October print magazine. Offered editorial insight to The Pitch about Kansas City Starbucks locations’ fight to unionize.

Ringtone Magazine

Staff Writer, 2020-Present

Columnist and sole creator of “Hautepop,” a monthly column exploring the links between hyperpop and the world of fashion, which features interviews with artists like Moistbreezy, RYL0, and Ravenna Golden. Writing reviews for artists like Danny L Harle and 8485.

Pitching and writing unique ideas that highlight the unusual influences of the hyperpop genre. Interviews with such artists as producers Umru and Alice Gas. Profile piece on Big Beat Records artist Ravenna Golden for single releases and EP release. Feature on Umru for the release of his ‘comfort noise’ EP. 

The Pitch

Editorial Intern, Fall 2020

Writing news, arts, culture. Writing for deadlines, pitching ideas, using Wordpress, Google Suite, and Mojo. Curating social media content and posting Instagram stories for The Pitch’s official account. Worked closely with the Editor-in-Chief to pitch and write “Best Of KC” content, worked in collaboration with the intern team to create the October 2020 cover story. Researched and wrote the completely original Decmber 2020 cover story. Pitched, researched, and wrote an original cover story for January 2021’s magazine. 


Contributor, 2019

Writing reviews for artists such as Foxgluvv and Stonerpop, specializing in coverage of independent women and queer artists.

Bops & Flops

Contributor, 2019-2020

Pitching and writing stories and reviews for artists such as Slayyyter, Kit Major, Moistbreezy, and Alice Gas. Experience writing for deadlines, specializing in coverage of independent queer artists. Worked with the Editor-in-Chief to write Bops & Flops’ first ever album review of Slayyyter’s debut mixtape.


Staff Writer, 2019-May 2022

Pitching and writing stories, writing for a deadline, specializing in arts and entertainment, music writing. Original reviews for artists like Charli XCX, Grimes, A.G. Cook, and editorial content on pop culture and the music industry at large. 


University of Missouri at Kansas City
5100 Rockhill Rd, Kansas City, MO
College Graduate, class of 2022. 3.57 GPA. Bachelors of Arts in Communication Studies with a Journalism Emphasis.

Omaha Central High School
124 N. 20th St., Omaha NE
Advanced Placement Graduate, class of 2018. 3.8 GPA.

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